Examples of Projects Completed By Beacon

Beacon has developed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and conducted employee training for stormwater compliance for several manufacturing companies.

We have been completing SARA 312 and SARA 313 Form R reports for clients since 1997.

We have assisted many manufacturing companies with the evaluation and proper disposal of hazardous waste.

Beacon has developed Emergency Response and Contingency Plans for structural steel fabricators, medical device manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, automotive engine rebuilders, and more.

Beacon has conducted employee exposure monitoring for noise, various metals including hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde, various solvents, acids, and many other chemicals.

We have completed applications for Stormwater Permits, Industrial Waste Discharge Permits, and Air Emissions Permits for many industrial clients.

Beacon has served as the on-site safety and environmental staff for a chemical manufacturer, medical device manufacturer, biotechnology company, and a manufacturer of 3D printers and plastic parts.

Beacon has received rave reviews from many clients on our customized training programs including employee right to know, respiratory protection and fit testing, lockout/tagout, hazardous waste handler, DOT hazardous materials transportation, and emergency response training.

Beacon has developed standard operating safety procedures for laboratory safety, biohazard control, safe handling of chemicals, hazardous waste management, personal protective equipment, and more.

We have developed Process Safety Management Programs and participated in process hazard analyses for several clients.

Beacon has served as the Safety Committee Chairperson and conducted safety committee meetings for several clients.

Beacon developed an air emission inventory tracking spreadsheet which helps clients easily keep track of their air emissions and makes the annual air emission inventory reporting a breeze.

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